Keep Your Comfort Flowing Year-Round: Expert Heat Pump Maintenance Across Ontario!
Don't let fluctuating temperatures stress you out in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, or beyond! We offer comprehensive heat pump maintenance services to ensure peak performance and optimal comfort throughout the year.

Benefits of regular maintenance:


➤ Improved efficiency: Save money on energy bills with a well-maintained system.

Extended lifespan: Prevent costly repairs and premature replacement.

Enhanced comfort: Enjoy consistent heating and cooling all year long.

Reduced noise: Minimize unwanted sounds for a quieter home.

Peace of mind: Know your heat pump is operating safely and reliably.

Our services include:


Thorough inspections: Identify potential issues before they become problems.

Detailed cleaning: Keep your filters, coils, and drainage system operating efficiently.

Performance checks: Ensure proper refrigerant levels and optimal airflow.

Expert advice: Learn how to maintain your heat pump for optimal performance.

Prompt repairs: Address any issues quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime.


Don't wait for discomfort! Contact us today for a free quote and enjoy:


Competitive rates: Get the best value for your heat pump maintenance needs.
Convenient scheduling: Book an appointment that fits your busy schedule.
Experienced technicians: Trust our team of experts to get the job done right.


Call Now! +16479167764 or visit our website for service in:

➤ Toronto
➤ Mississauga
➤ Brampton
➤ Oakville
➤ Burlington
➤ New Toronto
➤ Etobicoke
➤ Hamilton
➤ Brantford
➤ Guelph
➤ Kitchener
➤ Richmond Hill
➤ Barrie

Novus HVAC Services Inc. 


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Keep Your Comfort Flowing: Expert Heat Pump Maintenance Across Ontario! Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton & Beyond! Ensure peak performance & save money with professional heat pump care.

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